Siegfried Mayer – Journey of your life to Himalaya




The initiator Siegfried Mayer travelled over 80 times to Himalaya during the last 26 years.

His journeys of life influenced his life significantly as well as his point of view and his behavior.



The hidden kingdom Bhutan – the last enclave of Tibetan Lamaism – has become a second home for Siegfried Mayer.


Here the world is still relatively okay, a responsible young monarch leads his country into a hopeful future.


Siegfried Mayer had the opportunity to travel to majestic Himalaya in the footsteps of Heinrich Harrer and Peter Aufschnaiter several times.


He is the organizer of this journey of life for all interested travelers. The journey is carried out in the footsteps of Heinrich Harrer, the last famous Austrian discoverer to Nepal, into the kingdom Bhutan and to the highlands of Tibet.