First part of the journey – the capital of Nepal, Kathmandu



Picture: Siegfried Mayer – the large Stupa in Boudha near Kathmandu


Our travel passengers from Central Europe board their wide-bodied aircraft of OMAN AIR in the Bavarian metropolis Munich. There will be a short stopover in Muscat (Sultanate of Oman) and from there the flight goes to Kathmandu.

Our journey together starts at the latest in Kathmandu/Nepal. During the first 4 days we separate our tour group into 3 smaller groups, depending on personal interests.


You can choose between a round trip in Kathmandu valley, a 2-day workshop with planetary singing bowls with a visit in Namo Buddha or a Guru Rimpotsche trace-searching for example in the holy valley of Parping with a Tibetan Lama.

Last details will be clarified separately with the small group.




The exercise price for 4 days in Nepal including the flight from Munich to Kathmandu is circa 2000 Euro.


The final price results from your individual choice of the special programme. All issues regarding the journeys will  be discussed at our travelinformation-days in Hüttenberg/Carinthia/Austria at the museum of Heinrich Harrer or in our planetary singing bowls center (Little-Tibet) in Obertrum am See near Salzburg/Austria.